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Weather Forecaster For the Frequent Traveler

Today the most common source from which we obtain information on future weather conditions is from the local news channel. The newspaper also provides information on weather conditions for the rest of the day. The news channel or newspapers usually get their information from the local meteorological department that has a weather station. These weather […]

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Weather Forecasting

A meteorologist spends years of life to study different aspects of the climate and they are pretty much capable of forecasting the weather with different devices. Weather forecasting in true sense is the application of science and technology to forecast the atmospheric state for a given place or area for upcoming time. Jet streams are […]

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Weather Forecast Botched

Have you ever watched the weather forecast and planned your weekend around it? Only to find out it was totally botched? You find this happening enough that you simply do not trust the weatherman or woman any more? Why can’t mankind figure out the weather for God’s sake, or is he causing all this chaos […]

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