Category: Weather Radar

How to Navigate With a Boat Radar

You may know what a radar is, but how do you actually go about using one? Remember that radars are devices that measure the time and bearing of surrounded objects. Once these factors are analyzed, the targets or echoes are calculated and then painted on your screen. This gives you a bird’s eye view of […]

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Local Weather Radars

Almost every state in the United States has their own local weather radars, except the smaller ones like the New England states, which all share a series of weather radars. Puerto Rico and Guam also have their own Local Weather Radars. Some local areas have a higher concentration of weather radars. For example, there are […]

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National Weather Service Radars

Experts whose specialty is to interpret the data monitor the National Weather Service radars. They then publish some of their images and findings on their website and in other media, such as radio and television. All these avenues serve to help us understand the weather conditions and patterns in our own backyards. The National Weather […]

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