Storm Stories is Making the Weather Channel Very Popular

When we study brand name loyalty we often think of products and services however, we should also look at mass media such as the Fox television network or The Weather Channel. The weather channel has done something very intelligence during Hurricane Season they call themselves the Hurricane Authority and they really are the hurricane authority to considering that they were the number one watched media during Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita and Hurricane Wilma.

The Weather Channel has also done something very unique, as they have introduced a new series that is play each night called; Storm Stories. Storm Stories has become a very well watched TV series and has gained ratings against the other major networks, evening news and most popular television shows. Why is this? It is because people are concerned with the weather and the weather channel is trying to reinvent itself. It is working.

As a case study The Weather Channel shows a remarkable insight into brand name loyalty and brand line extension. Whoever is doing the marketing for The Weather Channel should indeed be congratulated on a job well done. In fact, The Weather Channel should be studied at all major business goals, which specialize in branding.

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